About the Author, Ron Allen

My wife Mary and I moved to Stroud in 1980 when I started to investigate and map the soils of Hampshire for the then Soil Survey of England and Wales. At that time, we both ran the Petersfield branch of the children’s ‘Wildlife Watch’ for the Hampshire Wildlife Trust and kept goats, chickens and ducks and grew our own vegetables. Then, in 1986, we set up The Environmental Project Consulting Group, a consultancy providing expert environmental and ecological surveys, management advice and training including for many governmental and non-governmental organisations (such as the Environment Agency, Forestry Commission, National Trust, Woodland Trust and Wildlife Trusts).  During that time, we built a house and manage our garden and mini woodland nature reserve for wildlife.

Many residents will have heard my talks and joined my walks on the ecology and history of our parish. Now retired, I continue our 40 years of active interest in the archaeology, geology, history and natural history of our parish and environs.

My blog will continue to provide insights into the wonders of that special place we call Stroud.