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Highways & Road Safety

In 2015 the Parish Council set up a sub committee to specifically look at road safety issues in Stroud.

Stroud Speed Watch Update

Firstly a big thank you to all of the Speed Watch volunteers in Stroud who have braved the rain (and some sunshine!) to set the scheme up. The group had their first meeting in November 2018 to discuss initial results.

To date 6 sessions have been carried out. 2490 passing vehicles have been checked and 136 speeding violations (with a speed over 35mph) have been reported. The highest speed recorded was 46mph.

Currently we are operating in 2 locations in Stroud and are arranging a meeting with our local PCSO to look at more.

In order for us to be more effective, the frequency and timings of sessions need to be increased so we would like to ask for your help. If you are able to spare a couple of hours a month, are concerned about speeding traffic through the village and would like to get involved please email Carl Foulston by clicking here . We are a friendly bunch and it is a great way to meet new people. More details can be found on this flyer.

Park and Stride scheme

The Parish Council are pleased to inform you that very soon now we should see Hampshire County Council and the Highways team working on making safer the main A road through Stroud. Thankfully we have not had to report a serious accident on this stretch of road for some time now, but those of us that live and work and deliver children to school in the village often have to take evasive action to avoid a speeding car. We hope to see clearer signage, larger speed warnings and a highlighted approach to road markings.

Outstanding issues remaining, which we will continue to fight for, are; wider pavements and footpaths, safer crossing points and an improvement to the North Stroud Lane access to Ramsdean Road. Now that Langrish School are encouraging a Park and Stride initiative I would ask that car drivers take a special interest in the scheme and actively assist the children and carers by leaving space for them to cross the road safely. Alan Burges (School Governor and Parish Councillor)

Details on improvements made so far (September 2016) are contained in a letter sent to parents and carers of local children which can be viewed here.

Meetings and minutes

The next meeting will be held towards the end of October.

Minutes of the most recent meeting, held on Wednesday 28th September 2016, can be viewed here.

Minutes of the meeting, held on Tuesday 6th September 2016, can be viewed here.

Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 5th July 2016, can be viewed here.

Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 1st March 2016, can be viewed here.

Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 19th January 2016, can be viewed here.

Minutes of the first meeting, held on Thursday 10th December 2015, can be viewed here.